How to Earn Currency in Avakin Life?


In this modern era of the world, people want more interesting and exciting game. Avakin Life is one of them as it contains lots of new high-quality graphics and newly launched features. The game is easily available for Android and IOS user without any cost. Avakin Life is available on various sites as it is the most liked 3D role-playing simulation game. Gamers have to create their character, customize it, start a career with him and play the game properly to go far in it.


The game consists of two types’ in-game currencies in the form of Gems and Avacoins. These currencies play an essential role in the game as these help the users in buying some necessary items or general things.

 Various Methods to earn Currency

As the Avakin Life considers in-game currency in the form of avacoins and gems, so it is important for the users to have them in enough amounts. There are various ways to earn more amount but on of the best use Avakin Life Cheats of in-game currency. Below are some ways in which every player must apply –

  • Watch advertisement videos – It is the simple and best method to earn in-game currency by watching more and more video ads. The videos are very small as there playing time is 50-60 seconds. The amount which is earned by watching videos is not very big, but by collecting them regularly on a daily basis one should earn an effective amount.
  • Complete challenges and objectives – It refers to completing more and more missions, objectives and challenges. The more you participate and complete objectives and challenges, the more you earn avacoins and gems.
  • Connect with the Facebook – The gamers should connect the game with Facebook and log in into every time whenever they play it. The more coins can be earned by joining and inviting friends on Facebook.


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