How are tokens useful in Skylanders Ring of Heroes?


 Skylanders Ring of Heroes is an action game, and many online players are active on it. The game is free to play, and if you are also crazy about such kinds of games, then you can download. It is available on the android store with the latest version. Along with currency, some tokens are also used in the game. Both are leading part of the game. The users should know about such tokens and how they beneficial for us.

The gameplay is all about missions and customizations so in which you are playing with several Skylanders.  They are real characters of the game, and you can add many weapons and gears by going with Skylanders Ring of Heroes Hack. The hack is an adventure for everyone because it is simple for collecting currency also.

Details about the tokens

Soul stones

It is for solving the puzzles for a Skylanders and used for summon. With the help of it, we can maintain the power of our heroes. Such is earned by some live events.

Omni gem

While fighting in the battle, we have to use it for achieving the victory.  The players have to collect a high amount of it by participating in many battles. It is exchangeable with soul stones so you can do that for collecting much.

Red Potion

The red potion is an excellent way of enhancing the experience points of the Skylanders. The high rating is helpful for leading the game, so it makes your hero more powerful. Some time these tokens are free to get, but for that, we have to spend time on battles.

Blue Potion

It is another type of token and blue potion is the experience points of villains. They come in different sizes, and you can also get them with Skylanders Ring of Heroes Hack.


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