Action and thriller Critical Ops game’s pillar


Critical game has been developed for the player who always sought after action and thrill. The game developed by the Critical Force Entertainment developer. The player begins the game by building a team. The target of the team is to curb the terrorist from damaging the world by being counter terrorist or terrorist team to destroy the human beings from the planet. Get progress by defeated the rival teammates. The thrill and action can be more by using the all the in build functions of the game be it for game credits or be it to level up the challenges for example Critical Ops Hack and Special shop of the game.

Game credits and modes incent player to play

  • The game Critical Ops has three basic and hard modes with many levels as well as two kinds of game credits as game currency to use.
    • The player can climb the ladder of success with the help of credits and each success turns into credits. The credits are given in the form of blue and orange credits.
    • Defuse mode is the mode where terrorist plants C4 bombs and defends them while the opponent tries to defuse them. When the bombs defused or exploded the game mode ends.
    • Deathmatch mode ends when either of the teams scores higher than the other team.
    • Gun game mode can be defined as hard nut to crack. This is the latest version mode. Each and every kill accounts for the progress through 15 weapons and the player who finishes the final level of Critical Ops first will be declared the winner of the game.

Rank system and customize function

Player should also customize his team and weapons to win the game by defeating the rival team. For this, player should unlock as much as weapons he can and unlock higher ranks. Player can use Critical Ops Hack function too with special shop.

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