Tricks And Tips That Are Ideal For New Players To Growtopia

Tricks And Tips That Are Ideal For New Players To Growtopia

Growtopia is an interactive building game that allows users to create their world and interact with other players. The game offers numerous features, and as a new player, you may have a hard time progressing. We are going to look at a few tips and tricks that may come useful to first time players of Growtopia:

* In Growtopia, everyone is aware of the tip #dontdrop! If you enter into another player world and the owner tells you to drop your rares, don’t do it. Once you are asked so, the best thing is to report the owner and continue with your game.
* The second tip is to work hard to be earn gems. As an anew player, you will be able to earn locks. There are different types of locks: Small Lock – Locks ten spaces, Big Lock – Locks fifty spaces, Huge Lock – Locks two hundred spaces and World Lock – Lock and the entire world, but cost 2000 gems to buy. If you are looking to get a World Lock fast, you can get rock seeds, up to 100, and sell for a World Lock.
* In Growtopia, an ideal move is to try and get fairy and tank. They will cost you a Huge Lock. They growtopia will allow one to jump higher and drive a tank, which allows moving much faster in the game.
* A simple trick to the game is always to be nice to other people playing the game. They will also be nice to you. Don’t add friends who are only like your items.

* How do you get clothes – In the game, clothes are grown just like any growtopia hack other items. If you have gems, you can use them to buy clothing packs.
* How to check if one is online? – When you are using the message function, one can check the online status of another user and also send them a private message. When you use the command “/msg USERNAME” allows you to see whether they are online or not.
With these few tips, a new player of Growtopia will be able to info about growtopia progress without any problems and eventually become a pro.

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